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SVG Doodles

A free collection of 50 different editable SVG's to spice up your online and offline designs.

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SVG Doodles is a collection of free, creative doodles available for use under the CC Attribution 3.0 license. Launched on May 20, 2020, this platform provides designers and developers with a versatile range of SVG doodles for enhancing web and mobile applications.


SVG Doodles was conceived to offer the creative community access to a library of unique doodles that can easily be integrated into digital projects. Recognizing the need for versatile, scalable graphics that could add personality and visual interest to various digital interfaces, SVG Doodles provides an easy-to-use resource that supports creative expression and design flexibility.


SVG Doodles boasts a collection of more than 200 doodles, each crafted to add a distinctive touch to digital designs. Users can browse through an eclectic mix of doodles and copy them directly to their clipboard, simplifying the process of incorporating these graphics into their projects.

  • Ease of Use: With a focus on accessibility, SVG Doodles allows users to effortlessly copy doodles to their clipboard for immediate use in projects.
  • Creative Freedom: The doodles are available under the CC Attribution 3.0 license, offering a balance between creative freedom and respect for creators through proper attribution.
  • Diverse Collection: Catering to a wide range of themes and styles, the platform ensures that designers and developers can find the perfect doodle for any project.


Since its inception, SVG Doodles has become a go-to resource for digital creatives looking to enhance their work with unique, playful graphics. The platform has facilitated the embellishment of countless web and mobile applications, contributing to more engaging and visually appealing digital experiences.


SVG Doodles embodies the spirit of creative collaboration by providing a freely accessible collection of doodles to the digital design community. As we continue to expand our library, we remain committed to supporting designers and developers in their quest to create captivating and dynamic digital environments.

Website: SVG Doodles