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A set of elements, templates & layouts made with Tailwind CSS and Alpine.js.

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Windstatic is currently under development and is designed to enhance web development processes at no cost. It boasts a comprehensive suite of 194 elements, templates, and layouts crafted using Tailwind CSS and Alpine.js. Aimed at offering ease of integration, this freely available collection allows for effortless incorporation into projects through simple copy and paste actions, promoting swift development and ensuring consistent design.


Launched on May 10, 2023, Windstatic was developed to fill a gap in the market for ready-to-use, customizable web components. Recognizing the increasing demand for efficient, scalable, and easy-to-integrate solutions among web developers, Windstatic leverages the power of Tailwind CSS for styling and Alpine.js for interactivity to offer a versatile toolkit.


  1. Component Reusability: Creating a comprehensive set of elements that can be easily adapted across various projects and frameworks.
  2. Learning Curve; WIP: Ensuring the components are accessible to developers with varying levels of experience with Tailwind CSS and Alpine.js.
  3. Integration Ease: Simplifying the integration process to ensure that adding Windstatic components to existing html projects is as straightforward as possible.
  4. Documentation and Support; wip: Providing clear, concise documentation and support to help users make the most out of Windstatic components.


Comprehensive Component Library

Developed a diverse library of 194 elements, templates, and layouts that cater to a wide range of design and functionality needs, ensuring developers have access to the tools they need to create beautiful, responsive websites quickly.

Accessible Design

Focused on creating components that are intuitive and easy to use, regardless of a developer’s experience level with Tailwind CSS and Alpine.js, to encourage adoption and facilitate a smoother development process.

Streamlined Integration

Emphasized simplicity in the integration process, allowing developers to add Windstatic components to their projects with minimal effort—just a simple copy and paste.

Robust Documentation

Invested in comprehensive documentation and support resources, ensuring users can easily get started with Windstatic components and have access to guidance when needed to maximize their usage and customization potential.


Since its launch, Windstatic has:

  • Provided developers with a versatile toolkit that significantly reduces development time and effort.
  • Been praised for its ease of use, especially in terms of integration and customization.
  • Received positive feedback for the quality and variety of components available, enabling more dynamic and visually appealing web projects.


Windstatic represents an ongoing effort to empower web developers by providing them with a robust set of tools that make web development more efficient and enjoyable. As we continue to expand and refine our offerings, we remain committed to supporting the web development community with high-quality, easy-to-use components.

Website: Windstatic